Max B Responds to Kanye West Naming His Upcoming Album 'WAVES'

We now know how Max B really feels about it.

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Everybody had an opinion on Kanye West changing his album title to WAVES last week. That is, everyone except for Max B. We now receive a response from the rapper as he recently called into Power 105's the Breakfast Club from prison to talk about the situation. He's currently serving a 75-year sentence for armed robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, and murder.

"It's all love. I appreciate it. I'm flattered that dudes is even acknowledging the situation," he says. "Everybody know I'm an innovator. Everybody know I got imagination. I come up with these words and these slogans and these catch phrases and it's all good when the people follow suit. I like Kanye, I appreciate it. I love it, thank you."

The rapper goes on to say that while he doesn't have a relationship with Kanye, artists should have the ability to take inspiration from other artists to create. "He ain't drop a diss record, he just called his album WAVES. And everybody know I'm the wavy daddy." On that note, Max B shouts out Wiz Khalifa for defending him. "Wiz good people. I never met Wiz neither, but he good people."

Max B also points out that the upcoming Waves documentary directed by DJ Scoob Doo is not legit. "That DVD not official, he didn't go through the proper channels to release that DVD... That money don't go to, that money don't go to my kids, that money that go to family, no legal fees or nothing." He goes on to say that he does have a documentary coming soon. Check out the full interview below.


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