This Max B ​and Kanye West WAVES discussion doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. Not only did Kanye go on a massive Twitter rant aimed at Wiz over it, but longtime Max B collaborator Dame Grease tweeted out what some thought was an official response from Max to Kanye. Well, it turns out that Grease actually just took some old Max verses that he had in the vault and put them over J. Dilla and Pharcyde's "Running" beat.

Grease explained that he did it because it seemed appropriate to the situation and that they can make new history from it. On the song, Max is heard rapping, "N***as keep taking my waves," which especially made it seem like be an official response from Max. Alas it was not. It's also worth noting that shortly after 'Ye announced the name of his new album, he shouted out Max in a separate tweet.