Martin Shkreli to Ghostface Killah: "I’d Smack Him Right in the Face"

He also shares the backstory behind purchasing the $2 million album.

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Pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli stopped by Power 105's the Breakfast Club this morning to talk about the Ghostface Killah diss and the one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album he purchased. He shares the story behind buying the $2 million album and the events that transpired afterward, including his feud with Ghostface. "I have a tremendous amount of respect for the whole Clan, including Ghost, but we're talking musically," he says. "There's a difference between music and real life, and personas."

“He’s one of the greatest rappers ever," he continues. "But he’s still a man, he bleeds the same blood as me, it's both red. And if you want to talk shit, I’m not the one… If he were here right now, I’d smack him right in the face."

Shkreli also says he was very serious about bailing out Bobby Shmurda. "I would have loved to, and I was in conversations with his attorney a day before I got arrested," he explains. Watch the full interview above and check out Shkreli's diss video aimed at Ghostface here.

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