Premiere: Listen to LOUDPVCK's Bootleg Remix of A$AP Rocky's "Multiply"

The coast-to-coast duo share a riotous trap version of Rocky's latest single.

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Thanks to acts like LOUDPVCK, the lines between EDM and rap continue to blur, making for some pretty filthy tunes built for the rager in all of us​. The duo—​comprised of Kenny Beats and Ryan Marks—​marked their territory in the trap scene early, performing across the country while also establishing a sound that has made them a formidable force in the electronic scene. 

Nowadays, LOUDPVCK can be found on the marquee at major festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Day of the Dead, all thanks to the heat they cook up in the studio. Their remix of Jackal's "Shakedown" is a certified banger, they gave Kill the Noise's "Jump Ya Body" a new lease on life with their amazing rework, and you have to salute them for their crucial bass remix of Blasterjaxx's "Mystica," a record every DJ keeps in their Serato crate. How's that saying go again? Real recognize real.

Today, Complex premieres LOUDPVCK's riotous bootleg remix of A$AP Rocky's new single, "Multiply." The duo add an extra layer of grime over Rocky's already menacing aesthetic, taking #HURT to a whole new level. Stream and download it for free below.

LOUDPVCK will be performing at Webster Hall in New York City this Friday. Ticket purchase for the show is available here. The duo will also be visiting Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Chicago for performances before year's end. For full show info, visit their official Facebook page.

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