Kanye West Talks "Yeezus" Collaborations, Paparazzi & Kendrick's "Control" Verse in Pt. 4 of Zane Lowe Interview

The final part of this amazing Kanye West interview.

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In the fourth and final part of Kanye West's interview with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe, he talks about his work on Yeezus, dealing with the paparazzi and Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse.

Zane Lowe asks Kanye about his decision to collaborate with more producers on his latest album, which Kanye says was necessary at this point in his career. "It's the only way I can do it at this point. I can't do it by myself," he says. "I have no interest in sitting down in the studio by myself and making a track. When I made 'Overnight Celebrity,' which is great, I sat down by myself and made it. And there's people like, 'Yeah, that's the answer, make the music by yourself again 'Ye, we want the old 'Ye.' No, I don't feel like doing that."

Kanye explains his feelings concerning the paparazzi, a group he has dealt with countless times in the past. "Photography used to be a sexy profession. It was like being a ball player or like a rapper or like a venture capitalist," he states. "[The paparazzi] completely changed what photography is supposed to mean. The same as how there's like plenty of musicians that have sold the fuck out and changed the art of music. People don't hold that to the highest level of genius anymore."

"Paparazzi is necessary, not even a necessary evil," Kanye continues. "It just needs to be legalized. Meaning at a certain point, there's cutoff switches."

Kanye also touches on Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse, which he sees as "friendly competition" rather than a diss toward rap peers. He also expresses his excitement to go on the "Yeezus" tour with the Compton rapper, which begins next month in Seattle. "I'm just looking forward to the opportunity to speak to this brother as much as possible. Those conversations is going to be more than everything I ever said right here. He's one of our future messengers, and I'm going to give him them jewels."

Watch part four of Kanye West's interview with Zane Lowe above, where he also talks about the creative process of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Jay Z's influence early in his career. Also, catch up on part one, part two and part three if you missed out earlier this week.

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