Yes, well, Kanye West backed up his "go and grab the reporters/so I can smash their recorders" line from "New Slaves" last week at LAX. Reportedly, he could face charges for attempted robbery after trying to grab the camera from the overzealous paparazzo he ended up wrestling to the ground. It was sad, revealing poetry when, after the struggle, the cameraman ran away and tried to hide his face from other paparazzi.

We here at Complex enjoy celebrity culture. And we support aggressive reporting. That said, we'll note, without being the first to do so, that today's TMZ-style paparazzi are disgusting parasite barnacle-humans, and we wonder what kind of crazy conscience-erasing drugs they need to take in order to sleep at night. We also wonder whether they're on these same kinds of drugs when they approach their quarry, and struggle to come up with the exact perfect question to ask in order to turn a head or elicit a response.

Because, Jesus, are they stupid! How stupid? This stupid: The Stupidest Things Paparazzi Have Asked Kanye West. Check it out. You'll want to tell them to never talk ever again, too, not even to themselves. 

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