Kanye West Continued His Yeezus Tour Last Night with Another Rant, Calling Out Sway, Charlamagne Tha God & Jimmy Kimmel

He also thanks his fans, rant-style.

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A few days removed from the 10th anniversary of his debut albumThe College Dropout, Kanye West kicked off the second leg of his Yeezus Tour at the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, Pennsylvania last night. During the show, Kanye delivered another memorable rant, which has become commonplace on the road for the Chicago rapper.

He began by performing the intro to "Touch the Sky," before stopping the music to give the audience a piece of his mind. "If I go to a radio interview, shut the fuck up!" he yelled to the applause of the crowd. "If you're on your talk show at nighttime, showing a picture of me walking with my girlfriend and shit, shut the fuck up!"

Kanye then got a bit more specific, calling out Jimmy Kimmel, but not naming him, for making fun of his interview with Zane Lowe. "2013, spoofing and all that shit, trying to make a joke out of what we do. Shut the fuck up! What the fuck you do?" Last year, Kanye West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show to iron out their issues

Later, he called out radio hosts Sway Calloway and Charlamagne Tha God, who both irked Kanye when he visited their respective radio shows last year. "Everybody who fuckin' writing all that shit, just to diss me and talk shit, what the fuck did you do?" he said. "Charlamagne, Sway... Fuck you did?"

The Yeezus Tour continues in Baltimore tonight.

UPDATE 2/14/14 12:20PM: Below is an additional video from last night's concert. Kanye is once again in rant mode, but this time he is showering concert attendees with appreciation for supporting his music. "I couldn't be standing right here right now if it weren't for all of ya'll supporting me over all these years," he says. "Screaming on people on my behalf, like ya'll are my family. Like, 'Don't say shit about 'Ye'!" Check out the full clip of Kanye West's inspirational words below, which he does to the opening instrumental of "Bound 2."

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