Here's Drake's Hilarious Opening Monologue on 'Saturday Night Live'

Drake opened up 'Saturday Night Live' with some clever jokes.

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For his VIEWS promotional run, Drake returned to Saturday Night Live this evening to handle hosting and performance duties. The Toronto rapper offered up a hilarious opening monologue that featured a knock on Donald Trump. He also delivered a small musical performance in response to being made a meme on social media, and it included a quick Rihanna "cameo." The song is anchored by the hook, "You don't love me for me/You just love me for the memes," with several clever memes showing up on screen.

Watch Drake's full opening monologue above via Gossip Cop and check back for his skits throughout the show, one of them featuring him as Malcolm, a terrible car rental employee.

Drake doing Rihanna... #SNL

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