Shyne Joins Forces With Jewish Rapper Matisyahu

Someone tell Drake to get in on this.

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That's right, the two Jewish rappers are joining forces. In a recent interview with the Jewish Chronicle, Shyne and Matisyahu revealed that they have recorded music together that will be featured on both of their upcoming releases.

To top it off, Matisyahu basically admitted that he's BFFs with Shyne. "I'd say he was someone that I'd be there for anything he needs, and he has expressed the same for me," said Matisyahu. This all comes after Matisyahu was able to sign off on Shyne's conversion to Judaism earlier this year.

We're sure these two Hasidic heavyweights will be performing at you're next bat mitzvah. But we're really hoping they become a full-time duo so they can be our favorite all-Jewish rap group since The Beastie Boys The Rapping Rabbis. L'chaim!

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