Listen to J. Cole's "Be Free"

"All we wanna do is take the chains off, all we wanna do is be free."

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J. Cole pays tribute to the late Michael Brown, the 18-year old slain in Ferguson, Missouri, with new song "Be Free." "All we wanna do is take the chains off/All we wanna do is be free," he repeats over and over again over a moving piano loop. Instead of rapping a verse, Cole chooses to sample interview footage from witnesses of the shooting. It's a simple yet poignant sign of solidarity with those who have been marching in Ferguson and across the nation looking for justice in the wake of Brown's death. Earlier this week, Cole tweeted "STOP FUCKING KILLIN US" in response to the shooting. In following the request of Mike Brown's family to not share the picture of Mike after the tragic accident, we used a recent picture of Cole rather than his artwork for the tribute song.

Listen to the track below.



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