Watch Beyonce Perform "Irreplaceable" With Blue Ivy

A very touching moment across the pond.

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At a recent tour stop at London's O2 Arena, Beyonce stunned the crowd with an incredible rendition of her hit song "Irreplacable." Interacting with the audience throughout, it is clear that Bey is at ease live on stage, and her vocals sound as powerful as if she were laying something down in the studio. However, the highlight of Beyonce's performance was not the song itself, but rather, who accompanied her on stage: her daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Almost six minutes into the above video, Beyonce reaches out to Blue Ivy and holds her hand as she sings the powerful refrain of "Irreplaceable." Quite the touching moment, indeed. Blue Ivy had on protective headphones and seems to be just as comfortable on stage in front of millions of people as her mother is. 

Will Blue Ivy be making appearances during Jay-Z's tour dates with Justin Timberlake this summer? It certainly is possible.

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