...to go to new lengths to enjoy a concert with your loved ones.

...to believe Kanye when he says he wants to be the next Steve Jobs—because Steve Jobs brings people together with technology.

...to give up on everything because the age of the iPad means that no place is safe.

...to die alone, probably.

Yup, this is a picture of a couple FaceTiming during Kanye West's show in Brooklyn tonight. On an iPad. 

This dude is face timing with his girl during performance of bound-2 lollllllll pic.twitter.com/9OhNLIWDbh

— Wil Fry (@WF) November 20, 2013

Maybe the "Bound 2" video put them in a special mood? Maybe they just really missed each other? Maybe this dude was in Big Trouble? Who are we to judge? Except hahahahahahahahahahaha iPads are the worst. Even Kanye collaborator Hudson Mohawke was impressed with the ridiculousness of it:

@WF on a iPad?!

— hudson mohawke (@HudMo) November 20, 2013

@WF the expression on her face

— hudson mohawke (@HudMo) November 20, 2013 

There's no denying it: We're living in the future so the present is our past. Our significant others' presence (via FaceTime) is a present. For real.

[via Wil Fry]

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