Watch Drake and Friends Sing Kanye West's "Heartless" at Karaoke

What happens at karaoke...

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Drake is a known karaoke aficionado. He has also noted the importance of Kanye West's music in his life, especially in the last six months. So what happens when his love for Kanye is combined with karaoke?

You get a video of Drake and friends singing Kanye's "Heartless." While Drake isn't on the mic, because he's filming it for Instagram, you can hear the Toronto native crooning along. Despite being behind the camera, it shows, once again, his ability to enjoy himself and even make himself the butt of the joke in the process. Although in that department, he is totally outclassed by the man in the back. The man, likely his tour manager CJ Gibson, belts out the chorus to "Heartless," and it becomes quite clear that he was not blessed with the same singing abilities as his artist. And if that wasn't enough, Drake decided to upload a video of Gibson singing Rihanna's "Diamonds."

Let's hope OVO Karaoke will continue to be shared on Instagram.

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