Watch Drake Take a Shot Out of His Grammy Trophy

Started from the bottom, now his whole team taking shots from the Grammys, literally.

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Drake just received his Grammy trophy for winning the Best Rap Album award for Take Care. Enamored by the new hardware, he immediately pours a shot into the trophy and takes a shot. Drizzy then proceeds to make each member of the crew take a shot with him. While someone comments that he is the first person to have ever done this, that is actually not true. Jay-Z just took a shot of D'Usse Cognac out of his trophy during the award ceremony itself. Regardless, it looks like Hov and Drake are about to set a trend that will continue on for years to come. Meanwhile, alcohol companies are kicking themselves for having missed a promotional opportunity, as Drizzy poured the drink out of a styrofoam cup.

[via Nah Right]

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