Forbes Says Dr. Dre Will Not Be a Billionaire After the Beats Deal

Dr. Dre will not be rap's first billionaire, as the new deal Apple struck with Beats Electronics will leave him with $800 Million.

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While Apple's acquisition of Beats Electronics is still being worked out, speculation has turned towards Dr. Dre's net worth after the deal. In the announcement video with Tyrese, Dre suggested that the deal would make him rap's first billionaire. However, according to Forbes, this would not be the case.

Forbes has calculated Dre's net worth after taxes, should the deal be finalized, and have come up with a total of $800 million. As a 25 percent owner of Beats Electronics, Dre will make $480 million off the sale after taxes. However, reports indicate that Dre will still have a role in Beats under Apple, as well the primary owner of the company, current Interscope co-founder Jimmy Iovine.

In other news, a judge has thrown out a lawsuit Dre filed against former label Death Row Records. Dre sued the company for owed back payments from mechanical royalties, artist-producer royalties, and digital sales. He was asking for $3 million in the suit.

[via TMZ]

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