The Top 10 People Rick Ross Won't Forgive

God Forgives, but Rozay doesn't. We bet these people wish they never crossed the Teflon Don.

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#10. Kreayshawn

Unforgivable offense: During a freestyle, Kreayshawn called an imaginary rapper-nemesis “faker than Rick Ross.” Later on, Kreay, V-Nasty, and their friends clowned Rozay in a public video on U-stream. Things reached a climax at the MTV VMA awards, where Ross’s camp and Kreayshawn’s manager Stretch got into a minor confrontation.

Her punishment: Forced to wash and fold Ross's entire pile of XXXL Gucci boxer shorts.

Complex says: The worst part about this beef is we'll never get to hear that Bayami collabo between Kreayshawn and Gunplay.

Kevin Hart

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#9. Kevin Hart

Unforgivable offense While hosting the BET Awards, Kevin Hart suggested that Rozay should wear a bra.

His punishment: Forced to click through an infinite slide show of shirtless Rick Ross photos, Clockwork Orange style.

Complex Says: You can make fun of Rozay’s robust figure all you want, but he’s unhooked way more bras off way hotter girls that you’ll ever imagine.


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#8. The Shreveport Police Department

Unforgivable offense: Ross was arrested for marijuana possession last March in Shreveport, Louisiana. Reporting a fellow officer violates the blue code of silence.

Their punishment: The arresting officers are forced to join Maybach Music as a supergroup—but their record won't be released until after Pill's LP charts.

Complex says: Even Wiz Khalifa's been arrested for this. Just legalize it already.

Trick Daddy

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#7. Trick Daddy

Unforgivable offense: Although he says he's always been a fan of Ross, the O.G. Miami rapper been accused of discussing Ross' former career as a Corrections Officer before his past became public. Trick also aired Ross out on the radio after his “Valley of Death” included the lyrics, "Very first line he called, Trick Daddy stupid/Say he got AIDS, telling people that it's lupus."

His punishment: Rozay buys forcing Trick Daddy to stage an online comeback via reblogs of

Complex says: If Ross is trying to hunt down everyone who ever heard he might have worked as a C.O., he's got a lot of work to do.

The Real Rick Ross

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#6. The Real Rick Ross

Unforgivable offense: The real “Freeway” Rick Ross was a legendary Los Angeles drug kingpin in the early 1980s. Convicted to a life term in 1996, he was released on good behavior in 2009 and soon threatened to sue Rozay for unauthorized use of his name. Even though the case was thrown out, Rick Ross's very existence serves as a constant reminder that Rozay's escapist fantasies are just that.

His punishment: Time served. Watching a former C.O. become a millionaire using your name is probably high on the list of an inmate's worst nightmares.

Complex says: Real street cred has real costs.

Young Jeezy

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#5. Young Jeezy

Unforgivable offense: The origins of this supposed beef aren’t completely clear. Jeezy was friends with Black Mafia Familyl kingpin Big Meech, and on a freestyle over Ross’ “BMF” called “Death B4 Dishonor” he rapped, “How you blowin' money fast/You don't know the crew/Oh, you part of the fam?/Shit, I never knew.” Some interpreted the line as shots, although Jeezy has insisted in interviews that he has no beef with Ross. 

His punishment: Flunked from Thug Motivation 103, forced to repeat.

Complex says: The real winner of this beef is Def Jam.


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#4. Tiallondra “Tia” Kemp (His Baby Momma)

Unforgivable offense: She accused Ross of non-payment of child support, then allowed 50 Cent to take her on a shopping spree to embarrass Ross, and a video of the event ended up online. 50 also helped her publish a book entitled Tia's Diary: Deeper Than Rap, which described her relationship with the boss and his C.O. past in great detail.

Her punishment: Forced to promote Tia's Diary through public readings on C-Span.

Complex says:  We really gotta check this book out, but we refuse to buy a Kindle until you can watch Worldstar on it.

Lastonia Leviston

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#3. Lastonia Leviston (His Other Baby Momma)

Unforgivable offense: A sex tape was recorded between her and another man, which 50 Cent released and hosted (as his alter-ego Pimpin’ Curly) in an outrageous attempt to embarrass Ross.

Her punishment: No longer permitted to swim in Ross' Scrooge McDuck money-bin of loose change.

Complex says: Ya gotta love Pimpin' Curly.

50 Cent

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#2. 50 Cent

Unforgivable offense: Got into a feud with Ross after the Teflon Don dissed him on "Mafia Music." In response, 50 released a series of diss songs and made it his mission to ruin Ross's life. Though he obviously didn't succeed, it sure was entertaining watching him try.

His punishment: Forced to spend even more time with Rick Ross's baby mommas.

Complex says: 50 Cent is hilarious.


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#1. Whoever leaked his officer photo

Unforgivable offense: With one photograph, the world had incontrovertible proof that Ross lied about his former career as a corrections officer. On the other hand, nobody really seemed to care.

Their punishment: Forced to follow Wale's twitter.

Complex says: Up-and-coming Miami rappers who dig those chocolate-brown C.O. uniforms but would prefer another profession might want to consider UPS. At least they get to break out the shorts in hot weather.

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