This Video By Unsigned 18-Year-Old Miami Rapper Stitches Is the Sound of Mainlining 12 RedBulls

This song sounds like mainlining twelve RedBulls in five minutes. Better do as he says. Seriously.

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Need a pick-me-up? Unsigned 18-year-old Miami rapper Stitches will throw you, possibly across two parking lots.

It's hard to tell where to start with this song, which sounds like mainlining RedBulls through your eyeballs. This blends the exuberant traditions of rap bangers and yelling like a maniac into one intense package about selling cocaine, or splitting open a brick and throwing it all around your apartment while wearing a Hellraiser mask. 

It's tough to pick out just one part of this masterpiece as the clear highlight, but let's go with the moment he points to a tattoo on his face and raps: "I got an AK-47 on my face, ho/So you know I don't shoot no pistol."

Is the topknot today's hot new hairstyle? 

Is the "007 RIP" license plate a custom, or sheer lucky coincidence?

Can we get Gunplay on the remix?

Questions that need answers...With any luck, we'll have them for you soon. Complex will stay on this important story as it develops.

Stitches mixtape, No Snitching Is My Statement, is available here.

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