Rocko Removes Rick Ross' Verse From "U.O.E.N.O."

According to an interview with Hot97.

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Rocko has removed Rick Ross' controversial guest verse from his hit song "U.O.E.N.O."

"With the record, I did the record—it was for my mixtape. I knew it was a good song but I didn't know the streets would be so receptive to the record...The record instantly became a smash over the All Star Weekend..."

Rocko also said that he hasn't made a decision about what the final lineup will be on the song's official version, although he walked a careful line, maintaining that Ross remained on the 'original' record.

"In life, you have to put everything on the scale. It's just like weighing up. You have to do what you have to do. With all respect to the homie Ross, because when I reached out to him and told him about the record, I sent it to him and he sent it right back. You gotta salute that. It's crazy because it's a catch-22. I don't want to take him off, but one thing about it, one thing that's set in stone, is that he's always gonna be on that song."

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