Azealia Banks Calls Out Diplo on Twitter Over "Harlem Shake" Remix

Another day, another Twitter beef for Azealia Banks.

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Azealia Banks released her remix earlier this week to Mad Decent artist Baauer's "Harlem Shake," the most recent dance song to cause a stir in the music industry with its heavy YouTube presence. On Twitter, she wrote, "I actually did my version of 'Harlem Shake' months ago and was trying to clear for my album... then this all happened!" To follow up, Banks released a video for her version yesterday, where she can be seen rapping her remix bars, and also twerking along to the infectious beat. 

Then, this afternoon, Banks hopped on Twitter, her favorite place to publicly beef with artists, to call out Mad Decent label head Diplo for allegedly emailing her saying that he is not going to release her "Harlem Shake" remix because they would prefer to have Juicy J rap on it. Does this mean her version is never going to officially come out? Peep her tweets below. 

@diplo just sent me an email saying the reason they won't let my Harlem shake remix fly is because they'd rather have juicy j on it
@diplo you're a real fucking snake. you owe M.I.A everything you have.
Men and their ego's.

Greaseballs, indeed! Though it's worth noting, here, that she probably did not express any of this to Diplo when they were on the cover of Vibe lying on top of one another:

Just sayin.


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