Maino Speaks on Being the King of Kings County

"I'm the biggest supporter of the New York movement," says the Brooklyn rapper.

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The argument over who's the King of New York is older than the argument over whether the Knicks will ever win another championship. But to let Maino tell it, all of that is irrelevant because "being a king is a mindstate."

"I get a different type of love and respect from my people," Maino told Complex TV. "I deal with them in a different way. They treat me like a king because I treat them like the kings and queens that they are." 

One thing is for certain, though: When it comes to the county of Kings, he's the man. 

In this exclusive quick sit-down with the "All of the Above" rapper, Maino touches on what separates him from other NYC rappers, promoting unity between all New York rappers, and what happens when he and Hov see each other in the streets. 

For more about Maino's role in the NYC rap scene, check him out on the Combat Jack Show below. 




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