Here's Every Single J. Cole Guest Verse, Mixtape, and Freestyle In One Place

A Reddit user posted up every single guest verse, mixtape, and freestyle in one place.

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Say what you want about J. Cole, and people sure do love saying a lot about him, the man stays working. Over the past six years, few artists have experienced the same kind of success that the Fayettville, North Carolina native has enjoyed off the backs of his multi-platinum, no feature releases like 2014 Forest Hills Drive, and Born Sinner. Outside of those albums Cole has given his fans plenty of music to feast on, and now, one Reddit user has combined it all in one, easy to access location

Doggywassa, the same person responsible for the massive online collection of Kanye and Eminem projects, has dug through Cole's extensive catalog and posted the entire thing up to Wakelet. Described as nothing more than a passion project, the catalog includes just about every single not of music that Cole has contributed to or appeared on as a professional artist.

The collection includes 68 different guest verses, including his spot on Kanye West's "Lookin' For Trouble," and Rihanna's "S&M" Remix, to go along with 56 unreleased tracks, 16 freestyles, 29 interviews, and 43 live performances. That's all to go along with his 2007 mixtape The Come Up, 2009's The Warm Up, and, most notable of all the 2010 Friday Night Lights Mixtape. Needless to say, if you happen to be a Cole fan, this entire thing is the holy grail, providing more than enough material for you to pore over until his next, new project drops.

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