VOTE: Who Rocked "Black and Yellow" The Best?

A ton of rappers have flipped Wiz Khalifa's Billboard smash, but one did it better than everyone else. Help us decide.

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Congratulations to Wiz Khalifa! We've been rocking with the leader of the Taylor Gang for a minute now and we're happy to hear that he's got a legitimate hit on his hands. His latest single, "Black and Yellow" is currently sitting pretty at No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts and looks like it'll go gold shortly. Sure, Wiz's dedication to the 'Burgh became a hit thanks to a catchy hook and playful raps, but also because of the jumpy, space-aged, Stargate-produced beat. So it's no surprise that "Black And Yellow" has become a freestyle favorite for all sorts of rappers. So far, the beat has been flipped 20 times, and the question remains: who rocked it best? In order to find out, we scraped together every version of the song we could find and decided to let you, the people, vote.


ARTIST: Wiz Khalifa
TITLE: "Black and Yellow"

RELEASED: November 26, 2010
BEST LINE: "When I copped my first Lam it was black and yellow/You know it had to match the watch, so it matched the bezel."


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