Sound Check: Kanye West Extends G.O.O.D Fridays 'Til End Of January

Plus more news you should know from the world of music.

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Kanye extends G.O.O.D. Friday series until the end of January: Dear Friday nights, we miss you. Keep our place at the D&D table warm; we'll be back soon. XOXOXO. [LINK]

Lou Reed directs new Susan Boyle video, "Perfect Day": In a phenomenon similar to William Shatner covering Cee-Lo Green, Lou Reed—that super influential pioneer of rock and "cool guy" posturing—soothed the savage tears of Susan Boyle (which he elicited for not collaborating on a song with the English songbird) by directing a clip for her song "Perfect Day." Reed giveth and Reed taketh away. Amen. [LINK]

Watch EMA performances from Linkin Park, Rihanna, Katy Perry: Europeans hate us Americans; apparently, we're fat and lazy and ignorant to the rest of the world's problems. However, our pop stars are seemingly good enough for those foreigners to idolize and fill a stadium in order to experience. Yeah, well, joke's on you, guys—these are sub-par performances. Suck it, Europe! [LINK]

The Streets drop new song, UK tour dates: Don't let the conservative haircut or love of striped sweaters fool you; Mike Skinner, real name of UK rapper The Streets, is a man whose very soul is bubbling with rage. How else would one explain a new song with a hook like, "At 4 o'clock today I'm gonna punch you in the face." It's always the quiet ones you've got to watch out for. [LINK]

Lil Wayne's first post-prison performance: We were in a haze of utter joy last Thursday when Lil Wayne was released from Rikers after serving eight months on gun charges. After the champagne, cigars, and a handful of threesomes, though, it's time for Weezy to get back to doing what he does best: drinking sizzurp. Er, rocking crowds. Hey, Weezy F. Baby, we're sooo glad you're baaaaakkkkkkkkkk. [LINK]

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