Skizzy Mars Talks Building Buzz and His Debut Album, 'Alone Together'

The 22-year-old Harlem rapper breaks down his debut album and gives aspiring artists advice for how to jumpstart a career in the music industry.

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Last week, Harlem rapper Skizzy Mars dropped his debut album, Alone Together, which skyrocketed to the No. 1 spot on iTunes' Rap chart and No. 3 overall. While more casual hip-hop fans may be hearing about the 22-year-old artist for the first time, Skizzy's buzz has been years in the making. At 17, he started to build a cult following with a pair of distinctive singles—​"Douchebag" and "Profound," respectively. Now, after a handful of mixtapes and an EP released in the years since, it's time for Skizzy to take the next step. Recently, Skizzy Mars stopped by Complex HQ to breakdown his debut album. Check out the interview above.

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