PROMO: One of a Kind Music Access: Philadelphia, PA

One of a kind musical legacy.

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The odyssey of the One of a Kind Music Access bus would not have been complete without a stop in Philadelphia, PA. This town’s hardscrabble streets have given rise to so many original sounds and so many great musicians over the decades, from the Philly Soul of the O’Jays to the one of a kind rhythm of The Roots.

As Complex’s Brad Wete informs us in the above video, Philly is not just about the amazing artists who have called the city home, but all the great venues where you can catch killer performances today. No matter the musical genre, Philly has a live show for you.

The One of a Kind Music Access journey is winding down, folks. We’ll be giving you the scoop on Chicago’s Pitchfork Festival, our final stop, very soon. Until then, you can relive the magic at

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