Joe Budden: A History of Beef

Poor Joey! The Jersey rapper always seems to be the target of some angry MC. Catch up on his past and present problems with Complex's timeline.

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Can Joe Budden live? It seems like every time you hit up a rap website there's news of another rapper going at Jersey's crowned rap prince. We're only three weeks into the new year and he's already recorded two diss tracks aimed at Saigon. They say success breeds envy, but Joey hasn't tasted success since '03 when his first (and only hit) "Pump It Up" was still on the 106th & Park countdown.

Whatever the motivation behind it, rappers sure do love going at Joey. Tonight, Slaughterhouse'the rap triumvirate including Joey, Royce and Joell Ortiz' have a show at NYC's S.O.B.'s, and with the Saigon's penchant for disturbing the peace, we're keeping an eye out to see if anything jumps off. So before you log on tomorrow and see another diss video, peep a quick history of all his beefs...

Cause: When Joe was signed to Def Jam in 2002, he was considered to be the next beast from the east. Then his debut album bricked and he got thrown on the shelf for about four years. It wasn't long before he started to blame label pres Jay-Z for his lack of success. Things only got worse when Jay hopped on the "Pump It Up" beat, throwing subliminal jabs, only to have Joey reclaim the beat. The beef simmered until Joey came back with his "Talk 2 'Em" track where he went at Jay-Z for still rapping at 38: "When the new generation think about Jordan/All they remember is when Iverson crossed him/Take off the blazer, loosen' up the tie/Nigga fell in love and Superman died."

Jay-Z "Pump It Up (Freestyle)"

Effect: Both MCs still can't get a record out. Stay tuned.

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