Black Thought on Meeting Questlove and Beefing with Nas - Combat Jack Episode 1 | Complex TV

On the premiere of the Combat Jack Show, Black Thought speaks on forming the Roots and settling his differences with Nas.

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Nobody does real talk like Combat Jack. Reggie Ossé aka Combat Jack is a former rap industry attorney, media executive, author, and radio talk-show host.

In the premiere episode of Complex TV's Combat Jack Show, Black Thought remembers his first memories of meeting Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson in school. "He had some type of product in his hair, making it real moist," Thought recalls with a smile. He was intrigued by the way Questlove carried his Casio sampler around with him everywhere. "I just wanted to get down with him," Thought says—and before long The Roots were born.

Later on Combat Jacks asks "Have you ever been in any real beefs?" Black Thought responds that "the only little bump in the road" was his conflict with Nas, who dissed The Roots during an interview on Hot 97.

The Roots MC gives the inside story of how the trouble began and how he prepared to battle Nas—or perhaps "slap the shit out of" him—when they met at a show with Talib Kweli. "I was gonna take Nas that night," says Thought, but cooler heads prevailed and the two MCs bonded over the pain of losing a parent. Click above to hear the truth as told to Combat Jack, and stay tuned for the next episode...

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