Interview: Akon on 'Light Up Africa,' His Charity Initiative to Bring Light to African Homes (Video)

The singer, producer, and talent-magnet on using his influence for power. Literally.

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The singer, songwriter, producer, and all-around talent magnet known as Akon already has globe-spanning influence as far as hitmaking is concerned. With more than 35 Billboard Hot 100 hits to his name (including "Let's Dance," Lada Gaga's first hit single), he's got a cornered market and a decent slice of power as far as pop music's concerned. 

Now, Akon's trying to give back to the community: He's recently undertaken a charity initiative to bring that power back to Africa, and light the country up. Literally. Check the video above, and keep it locked to Complex News for more from our interview with Akon.   

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