#FutureHive Is Real... And It May Be Bigger Than the #BeyHive

All hail Future.

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As you might have noticed, the #FutureHive hashtag has taken over Twitter with fans proclaiming their all-out allegiance to Future and his music. Of course, this is a play on Beyoncé's BeyHive with fans making memes of Future's face on everyone from Jesus andMichael Jordan to Elvis and Barack Obama.

Naturally, we had to round up some of the best memes and tweets to showcase just how funny this whole thing is.


Future demonstrating how to properly pause his music http://t.co/kByNfdzMEK

— babydaddyhovita (@hovita3x) April 13, 2015


RT @Sergeveli13 she dont even get wet for u
for me, she swimming pool
....splash#FutureHive pic.twitter.com/DPk4CU6Rlk

— ♏ Five3Shawty ♏ (@NesquikShae) April 13, 2015


RT @BabyxShad: GOT THE WHITE GIRL WITH ME LIKE ELVIS. #FutureHive http://t.co/iuULCHeE87

— 𝓑𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓸𝓷 (@Novem18er) April 13, 2015


RT @BabyxShad: Gave me that game & I ran with it. #FutureHive http://t.co/uzyaIaM8lq

— ひ (@YOUNGHUGGER) April 13, 2015


"The michael jordan of fucking these spanish bitches" #FutureHive pic.twitter.com/UE4AnZBgcA

— PaperPlatePapi 🇩🇴 (@MhDaDon) April 13, 2015


RT @Jus1Nyt: RT @ImGoinScottie: Diamonds colder than a glacier ballin harder than the Pacers #FutureHive pic.twitter.com/79Knl7cJeB

— ひ (@YOUNGHUGGER) April 13, 2015

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