Warren G Recalls Convincing Snoop Dogg to Not Go to Las Vegas the Night 2Pac Was Shot: 'He Probably Would’ve Been in the Car With Them’

There was renewed interest in 2Pac's killing earlier this summer, when Las Vegas police executed a search warrant on a home connected to his murder.

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Warren G unintentionally prevented Snoop Dogg from also possibly getting shot in the same shooting that killed 2Pac.

In a new episode of Drink Champs, Warren G revealed that Snoop was set on going to Las Vegas with 2Pac and Suge Knight to watch the Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon fight on Sept. 7, 1996. Prior to Snoop’s departure, Warren called him to suggest that Snoop watch the game at Warren’s Los Angeles home instead.

“The cold shit about it is, I had called Snoop,” Warren G said, around the 3:04:26 hour mark. “At that time, I was single … I had a house to myself. I was like, ‘Shit, I’m a bachelor. What’s up, Snoop? Come over! I’m here watching the fight, I’ma invite a gang of people over, we gonna barbecue.’

“He was like, ‘Fuck that shit, I’m going to Vegas with 2Pac and them for the fight.’ So I was like, ‘Damn, n***a! You don’t never kick it with me, shit.'”

A couple of hours later, Warren heard a car honking outside, seeing Snoop in “a white muthafuckin’ Rolls-Royce with the peanut butter inside with the top down,” Warren said.

“He pulled up, he surprised me,” Warren continued. “He came and hung with me, he let me drive that muthafucka and we just having a good time, barbecuing, having fun. And the fight was coming on. He came to fuck with me for the fight instead of going to Vegas.”

Snoop received a call about 2Pac’s shooting when he was at Warren’s home. “We could hear the shit, and then he started getting calls and they was telling him that 2Pac got shot. So I kicked everybody out and [Snoop] took off—that’s when he went to Vegas to go see what was going on and go to the hospital.

“If I wouldn’t have talked to him and got him to come over to my house, he probably would’ve been right there in the car with them and got shot as well,” Warren added.

2Pac died just a few days later, on Sept. 13, and his murderer was never brought to justice. However, in recent weeks, his death has made headlines after Las Vegas police executed a search warrant on a Nevada home owned by Paula Clemons, who’s married to Duane “Keefe D” Davis. Keefe D previously confessed to being present when his nephew Orlando Anderson allegedly shot and killed 2Pac. Authorities seized multiple items in the home, including hard drives, pictures of potential suspects in 2Pac’s death, and bullets.

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