Ultra Music Festival's First Day Was Bad Enough to Be Called 'Fyre Festival 2'

Attendees and social media users have dubbed Miami’s Ultra Music Festival #FyreFestival2 after it experienced a logistical meltdown Friday night.


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Attendees and social media users have dubbed Miami’s Ultra Music Festival #FyreFestival2 after it experienced a logistical meltdown on Friday night.

After the last show ended around 2 a.m., more than 50,000 concertgoers waited hours for shuttle buses that would take them from the island of Virginia Key to Miami. That or walking almost three miles back to the mainland to find transportation were the only choices. This was the first year the festival had taken place at Virginia Key.

Ultra had 200 buses readied to take people to three hubs in Miami. Long lines began forming at the buses after 1 a.m., with attendees complaining about proper organization of the lines and festival staffers’ inability to direct people. And as concertgoers began pouring out of the festival grounds, a tree even caught on fire. The cause is still unknown.

Many concertgoers abandoned the shuttles and opted to walk across the Rickenbacker Causeway to Miami. Uber and Lyft had been barred from picking people up on Virginia Key. 

The mishap was a fraction of the chaos the Fyre Festival is known for. The festival was such a disaster that it became the subject of documentaries on Netflix and Hulu. While the Netflix doc gives a better insight into the failure's planning, the Hulu doc focused on 28-year-old festival creator Billy McFarland, talks with festivalgoers, and artists who were slated to perform. The festival ultimately led McFarland to a six-year jail sentence for wire fraud.

Read some of the best reactions to Ultra's operational nightmare below.

.@ultra you have 30k people doing a 5k walk back to mainland. This has to be sorted for tomorrow! #fyrefestival2 #fail pic.twitter.com/xHu8YI4quf

— Abhi Punj (@misspunjabhi) March 30, 2019

For those of you at @ultra waiting to board a bus.... #FyreFestival2 #wetriedtowarnyou pic.twitter.com/lx4ha6aeOD

— Strusberry and Yurt7 SZN (PT news stringer) (@1990_MLP) March 30, 2019

People are exhausted from walking across the bridge WTF!? @ultra #ultra2019 #fyrefestival2 pic.twitter.com/SCZIDmLkuD

— RaveMami20 (@Dzamora07Dz) March 30, 2019

It was a semi thought out logistical nightmare. Four main stages squeezed into one tiny area while four tech house stages were spread out a min 30 minute walk away. And thats before a fire and tens of thousands of ppl walked miles over highway bridge after total shuttle breakdown

— Kat Bein (@KatSaysKill) March 30, 2019

The move was too sudden for them I think. I don't know what kind of training if any the poor people had who were supposed to get kids on these shuttles. It turned into dumb rushes and then shuttles went nowhere anyway. Kids shut the streets down

— Kat Bein (@KatSaysKill) March 30, 2019

Hey @netflix you can start planing for the second season of #FyreFestival with @ultra = #FyreFestival2 #Ultra2019

— Estefania Gonzalez (@StefyArreaza) March 30, 2019

@ultra almost feels like #FyreFestival #Ultra and it’s only day 1 pic.twitter.com/bLyOi4KJZ7

— Duke (@DukeAmazin) March 30, 2019

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