Travis Scott Leading Initiative to Make Concerts Safer in the U.S.

Travis Scott is spearheading an initiative to make concerts safer across the U.S. and has partnered with leaders in government and music to do so.

Travis Scott at Leeds Festival

Image via Getty/Carla Speight

Travis Scott at Leeds Festival

Travis Scott is working on a new initiative to make sure concertgoers’ safety at concerts is paramount.

The rapper has joined forces with leaders in government and music to avoid incidents like the Astroworld Festival tragedy, TMZ reports. The group he is specifically working with is The United States Conference of Mayors, which “represents the interests of more than 1,400 cities across the country,” the outlet writes.

Together, Scott and the USCM will assemble a commission encompassing leaders from government, public safety, emergency response, health care event management, music, and technology. 

Additionally, the commission will outline a safety report that can be used at concerts and festivals, spearheaded by Reno, Nevada Mayor Hillary Schieve, who is also the Chair of the Conference’s Tourism, Art, Parks, Entertainment, and Sports Committee. The group aims to “aggressively focus on new technologies and innovations that offer ways to address these challenges.”

Last week, Scott addressed the tragedy in his first interview in a sit-down with Charlamagne tha God. “It wasn’t really until, like, minutes until the press conference until I figured out exactly what happened,” he said. “Even after the show, you’re just kinda hearing things but I didn’t know the exact details until minutes before the press conference. And even at that moment, you’re just like, wait, what?”

He added he understands why some may point their finger at him when it comes to what happened. “I feel like it comes with being in a seat and I feel like they’re pointing the finger at me because it’s my festival. … Like I said before, I feel like I can kind of take that, in a sense, because my whole career I feel like people have been trying to do that.”

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