Soulja Boy in Shock After Being Told He Ate Tik Tok Star's Ass While on Percs

Soulja Boy was on TikTok Live with Terri Joe, who told a long joke about how they were intimate after a show in New Orleans.

Ncampos / Getty Images for French Montana

Soulja Boy had his world rocked in a TikTok Live.

The rapper hopped on a session with Terri Joe, where they discussed the TikTok star’s allegations: that Soulja ate her ass after a show in New Orleans. Joe also claimed that they weren’t sober after taking percocets.

During the Live, Joe described how she went to one of Soulja’s shows “on accident,” thinking it was a “church meeting.” She continued, “There was a lot of colored people there and I was a little scared and you pointed me out in the crowd, I was in a wheelchair.”

She described how he invited her on the stage and eventually gave her “a shot of Patron and a percocet.” He then supposedly invited her backstage and sat her on a couch. “If I remember correctly, you said, ‘Let me taste that ass.’ And I said, ‘Well come and taste it.’” Joe said Soulja proceeded to pick her up, well, you can probably imagine the rest.

“I don’t even do percocet,” a clearly shocked Soulja responded. “I don’t even do that,” he continued, adding that he’s “never been” to New Orleans.

“You been to fuckin’ New Orleans, you’re Black,” Joe responded.

“Why is you on TikTok lying to these people like that?” he asked.

“I ain’t lying about nothing,” she said. “You ate my ass. You put an ice cube in my asshole and you swirled it around with your tongue. … You put some tajin on it. You did all kinds of stuff.”

“Oh, they say you a comedian,” Soulja responded, finally realizing the whole thing was a joke.

“I ain’t not fucking comedian, I’m a Christian,” Joe shot back, to which Soulja said, “That’s not funny.”

In another clip from the TikTok live, Soulja asked Joe to swear on a Bible that he ate her ass.

Terri Joe is played by Kelon, who has 2.4 million followers on TikTok under their account @_psyiconic_. In a recent interview with Vulture, Kelon discussed his many characters, with Joe described as “an extremely religious southern belle who doesn’t like Black people or ‘homaseggsyuhs.’” Kelon also has other alter egos, including Joe’s “cousins”: Jeorgia Peach, “an L.A. influencer with a penchant for pink décor,” and Amethyst, “a Salem-based spawn of Satan.”

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