Selena Gomez Reveals Kurt Cobain Was Her Obsession As a Kid

The singer/actress revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that Cobain was her "Selena Gomez."

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Selena Gomez is a diehard Kurt Cobain fan.

The singer/actress revealed that tidbit on Friday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she told the host that she had an “obsession” with the Nirvana frontman. Following her playing a trivia game with a superfan on the show, Kimmel asked, “Who was your Selena Gomez? Was there somebody you were kind of obsessed with?” he asked at around the 1:15 minute mark.

She responded, “Kurt Cobain,” with a smile.

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The late rock star died by suicide in 1994, two years after Gomez was born. Regardless, his music was central to her childhood. “I just think my mom, obviously, would play all kinds of music for me growing up,” she said.

“I kind of got obsessed and dyed my hair and cut my hair like him. I know a little too much,” she added. “I would rewatch his interviews, I would watch his performances, I had seen his documentary like 12 times.”

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