Schoolboy Q Says Drake Is ‘One of the Greats’ But People ‘Just Don’t Wanna Say It’

After a delay due to the passing of his friend Mac Miller, Schoolboy Q finally released his long-awaited album 'CrasH Talk' on Friday.

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Schoolboy Q thinks Drake is an underrated rapper.

The L.A. native shared his revelation during a sit-down with Ebro in the Morning on Friday, agreeing with Peter Rosenberg that Drizzy is underrated. “He’s one of the greats,” Q explained, citing the invalid opinions of "dweebs" and saying hip-hop artists don't try to tear down rock and country music. “How you sayin’ somebody sold out? You don’t even know what sold out is in this culture.”

He added, “If Drake is trash, you n***as stop giving him 50 billion streams, you get what I'm saying? 'Cause y’all all listening to it, bruh, it's too many streams. ... You just don't wanna say it." He noted that "when you just lightskinned and from Canada, and n***as wanna, you know—but the n***a hard, c'mon, man."

Q also listed his GOAT rappers by decades, with the 2010s encompassing himself, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Black Hippy. 50 Cent won the 2000s, Nas got the '90s, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube tied for the '80s.


Q finally released his long-awaited album CrasH Talk on Friday. Earlier in April, he decided to postpone the official release of his Travis Scott collab “Chopstix” in the wake of Nipsey Hussle’s death. Q touched on the disbelief he felt when he found out Nip had died.

“This is really, really, really fucked up. Like some of the most disappointing shit for blacks period. Not even just gangbanging or nothing, I’m talking about black people,” Q said. “You lose reality where you live where I live—you get to be in daddy mode and doing this, you lose a sense of reality of what’s really going on out here and it’s like n***as is still doing that type of shit. That’s sad.” He continued, “I was so disappointed in black people period. … That was probably the low of all lows I’ve seen for a long, long time.”

A lot of fans have been roasting Q for his love of golf, something that was celebrated via a GQ interview that published earlier this week. “I’m already getting canceled on Twitter,” he said. “It’s just something to do, bruh. It just gets me outside more than anything. Just sitting in the house, back and forth to the studios—that’s a boring-ass life.”

It seems people also have an issue with him having white friends. “Why you playin’ with a white boy? Why you always hanging with a white boy? You’re canceled," he recounted. He went on to shrug it off with an "I’m sorry I’m not racist. I fuck with white people too.”

Q takes his duties as a father more seriously than anything and went in-depth about homeschooling his daughter, who he said just turned 10, and her becoming a serious soccer player. “School doesn’t teach you how to be successful, nor does it teach you how to maintain success,” Q said. “My daughter is on a sixth-grade level and she’s way more advanced than any other kid that I see that’s nine. … I mean, she’s still a kid obviously…but I can tell she’s always the leader in the group.”

Discussing her dedication to soccer, he said, “My daughter plays high, high-level soccer and she’s a beast. It seems like what she’s passionate about—it’s all she wants to do.”

The TDE rapper was expected to drop CrasH Talk in 2018, but chose to postpone the release following Mac Miller’s untimely death last September. Q opened up about his depressive state both before and after Mac’s death, saying, “Sometimes, a lot of people deal with depression and don’t know it because you just don’t know. … When you going through it, social media can piss you off too because everybody’s just making it about them or something.”

He says he scrapped multiple albums before CrasH Talk: “But I do that every album though. Like I think this is the first time I actually probably said it.” And without pause, Q also mentioned that Kendrick’s the biggest hater when it comes to evaluating his works in progress. “He the greatest though.”

Check out the rest of Schoolboy Q's interview above.

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