Offset Addresses Joe Budden's Criticism of Cardi B's New Song, Doesn't Like How 'He Was Trying to Sh*t on Females'

Cardi recently released her new song and accompanying video for "Like That (Freestyle)," directed by Offset.

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Offset is backing Cardi B.

The former Migos rapper spoke on his relationship with Joe Budden on Club Shay Shay, following Budden’s recent criticism of Cardi’s new track, “Like That (Freestyle).”

“I rock with Joe ‘cause I talked to him on some man-to-man, but I just feel like he’ll kick it with you and then kind of dog you out to the world,” Set told Shannon Sharpe. “Now, it be hard for him to do that ‘cause it’s like the credits don’t be matching. Like the comparisons, the credits that he has don’t be matching.”

He continued, “The credits that he got don’t really, really be matching to the people he be getting on ass. But he do got a word and sometime he say some things that do make sense.”

Offset then touched on Budden’s comment about the “girl rapper wave” being “over.”

“I didn’t like how he was trying to shit on the females. It’s an evolution, bro, you shouldn’t say that it’s dead. And then I don’t want him to come for me either ‘cause I done talk to him,” Offset explained. “I just feel like I disagree with your opinion with the female music. They doing they thing, why shit on it?”

Earlier this month, Budden announced on The Joe Budden Podcast that rap was over for women after Cardi released her new song and accompanying video, directed by Offset.

"Y’all ain’t gonna want to hear it from me, but the girl rapper wave is over. Just telling you what it is," Budden said.

He then focused on the Bronx rapper, explaining that she’s scared to release her sophomore album after a six-year wait since dropping her debut, Invasion of Privacy. “Cardi B is afraid and I'm tired of just nobody saying it. Cardi B is scared to come out, it don't take this long to come out."

This isn’t the first time Budden has come for Cardi. He criticized her Megan Thee Stallion-featuring song “Bongos” in 2023, saying the track “don’t seem like it has lasting power.”

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