Listen to the Latest Episode of Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio

The last episode of Queen Radio aired in November.

queen radio

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queen radio

Nicki Minaj is back with another episode of Queen Radio on Beats 1.

You can listen to the episode here, which originally aired on Monday at 3 p.m. ET.

During the episode, when answering a fan question about working with Kendrick Lamar, she said, "I'm looking forward to collaborating with him one day hopefully because he's animated and I like the animation and all that stuff. But also, he just respects the craft of rap. At this time right now...yeah that's all I'll say about that."

Later on, Nicki hopped on the phone with Karol G where they spoke about her fiancé, Anuel AA, and Nicki and Karol's collab "Tusa." 

"My fans are very honest with me about who they like and don’t like and they love you," Nicki told Karol. "So whatever you did while I was on my little hiatus—I appreciate the way you treated my fans. It meant a lot to me. Now you have diehard fans forever ‘cause they’ll never leave you. They're very supportive."

50 Cent also made a special appearance during Queen Radio—and of course, Nicki asked him the motherload of all questions: Why didn't Fif sign her? He answered, "‘Cause of [Big] Fendi," referencing Nicki's ex-manager.

Nicki responded: "Shout out to Fendi though. Y’all remember me and him reconciled our differences. But that’s good ‘cause I always wanted to know."

Last summer, Nicki invited Fendi as a guest for an episode of Queen Radio. "The mistake you made was that you thought I was some brainless ho that you was going to tell what to do," she told him at the time. But it seems like the two have made peace since then.

Episode 17 of Queen Radio arrives after another long hiatus, with its last episode airing in November. While Nicki has taken some time off—announcing in September that she was going to retire from music to focus on her family, following her marriage to childhood friend Kenneth Petty—she has since returned.

On Feb. 7, Nicki unleashed her latest single, “Yikes,” which caused a bit of a stir. Prior to its release, she shared a clip of the song, which mentioned Rosa Parks: “All you bitches Rosa Parks, uh-oh, get your ass up,” Nicki rapped. The line shocked some listeners, who viewed the lyrics as insulting, while others thought Nicki was commenting on the current trend of faux activism.

Last Wednesday, during a Q&A session with her manager Irving Azoff, Nicki clarified that the song wouldn’t be on her forthcoming fifth studio album. “it’s a setup track, not a single. But it’s new music,” she said.

That same day, Nicki got into a heated Twitter exchange with her ex, Meek Mill. At the time, she accused him of abusing her. Meek rejected her claims, while also singling out her brother, Jelani Maraj, who has been convicted of raping an 11-year-old girl.

Nicki also discussed her and Meek’s beef, telling Azoff she regretted how she dealt with the situation.

“I got hacked this morning, guys. Don’t believe anything you saw,” Nicki jokingly said. “Listen, it never fails. Every time I do it, five minutes later, I'm like, why the fuck did I? Every single time. But it's a good lesson in knowing how to master your anger and emotions. So, every time I do that, I like give myself a talking to in my head, like, ‘OK, you played yourself, you shouldn't have did that. You learned your lesson again.’”

You can listen to Queen Radio below.


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