Kanye West and Tyler, the Creator's Friendship Was on Full Display at ‘WSJ’ Innovator Awards

Kanye and Tyler had a blast Wednesday night at the annual Innovators Awards in New York.

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Kanye West and Tyler, the Creator had a busy night out together.

On Wednesday in New York, WSJ. Magazine celebrated the annual Innovators Awards at the newly reopened Museum of Modern Art. The night honored “eight extraordinary thinkers and entertainers,” per WSJ.

🎥 | Flacko com Kanye West, Kim Kardashian e Tyler, The Creator no ‘The 2019 Innovator Awards’ 🔥 pic.twitter.com/uwWp7DpW2B

— Mídia PARBR (@MidiaPARBR) November 7, 2019

Though he’s’ known for his comical antics, Music Innovator Tyler gave one of the most touching speeches of the night, telling the audience, “My whole life I felt like a stepchild...WSJ. finally made it feel like that family was celebrating my birthday, so thank you.” According to WSJ, “[Hype] Williams gave a celebratory bear hug to West and Tyler.”

Earlier this week, in a new interview with WSJ., Tyler said that he made a fierce effort to change his online image in order to earn the same respect as his idols. “[When] my music got better, I asked myself, ‘Why do Kanye and Pharrell and JAY-Z respect me, but the people that respect them don’t fuck with my music?’" he remembered thinking. “Well, maybe if I stop being funny on the internet, people will focus on my talent.”

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Later that night, Kanye continued his promotion of Jesus Is King by premiering a new music video in the New York Burberry store, TMZ reports. There, 'Ye screened his visual for “Follow God”—which looked like it was filmed on his Wyoming ranch—with Tyler, ASAP Rocky, and more in attendance. Kim Kardashian shared more clips of the video on her Instagram story.

ROCKY x KANYE x TYLER 🔥 pic.twitter.com/0FNHHTiAUV

— TeamKanyeDaily (@TeamKanyeDaily) November 7, 2019

“Follow God” music video with a cameo by Ray West. Filmed recently in Wyoming.

(Via Kim’s Instagram story) pic.twitter.com/h47Etphpc5

— TeamKanyeDaily (@TeamKanyeDaily) November 7, 2019

Behind-the-scenes from Kanye’s “Follow God” video shoot with his dad, Ray West in Wyoming. The video was directed by @jakeschreier.

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During the event, Kanye discussed buying land in America as a black man, something he had touched on earlier that day. He and Kim also joked about what to name the horses that come with the ranch; Tyler said he wants one named after himself.

.@tylerthecreator wants one of the animals on Kanye’s ranch named after him. 🤣

(Video via @PatToussaint) pic.twitter.com/Xd2xNHxj2H

— TeamKanyeDaily (@TeamKanyeDaily) November 7, 2019

*Kanye compliments @tylerthecreator on his videos*

Tyler: Thank you. You have nice calves, you’re a good guy. 😂 pic.twitter.com/bi5qIOPBY2

— TeamKanyeDaily (@TeamKanyeDaily) November 7, 2019

When asked if Sunday Service will ever be a televised broadcast, Kanye told TMZ, “yes.”

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