Joe Budden Says He's 'Happy for Rory and Mal'

In the latest episode of Joe Budden's podcast, he says that he's happy for Rory and Mal, who appear to be working on a new project together.

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Joe Budden appears to be happy for Rory and Mal’s next venture.

Budden expressed his enthusiasm for the pair’s future in the latest episode of his podcast. Budden was discussing the features on DMX’s new album Exodus, which include The Lox, Nas, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne. Mention of Weezy later segued to Rory and Mal, where Budden made a comparison between the rapper and his former co-hosts.

“I’m happy for Rory and Mal,” Budden said around the 25:50 minute mark. “I don’t want to stay on them but I’m only bringing it up because of what y’all just said about Wayne. When you get your business together, how it could revitalize you. When I was watching it, the video, and I’ma say it, ‘Oh man, these guys were unhappy here for a long time.’ I’m happy. I want them to do it. Take control. Go, go, go, go. I love that shit.”

The video that Budden is referencing is a skit that Rory and Mal shared last week, titled “The Job Hunt.” In the near-six-minute piece, the duo makes light of their departure from Budden’s podcast by joking about being unemployed and taking jabs at accounting issues that they went through with their old gig.

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They also teased a new logo.

Rory and Mal’s new project follows them being publicly fired from Budden’s podcast earlier this month. Rory and Mal then addressed the situation, where Mal said Budden thinks his former rap career led to the podcast’s success. Budden ultimately apologized.

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