Irv Gotti Recalls Nas Shutting Down His Ecstacy-Fueled Idea to Drive Through Baltimore Hood in Sports Cars

Irv Gotti shared the story on a new episode of 'Drink Champs,' saying Nas was not keen on the possibility of being killed.

Jason Merritt

Nas wasn’t impressed by Irv Gotti’s antics back in the day.

The producer and music executive shared a story in a new episode of Drink Champs, explaining that he, Nas, Ja Rule, and Ashanti were in Baltimore for a show when Gotti came up with a crazy idea while under the influence of ecstasy.

“I’m telling Nas… we gonna get three tour buses. We gonna grab you, Ja, Ashanti. I said, ‘We’re gonna hitch a Rolls Royce, a Ferrari, a Bentley to the back of the tour bus. … We hit Baltimore … before we go to the show, we gonna hit the hood,’” Gotti explained.

Twitter: @ArtOfDialogue_

“I said, ‘We’re gonna ride through.’ ‘Cause I was like, ‘Yo, hood n***as is gonna go crazy.’ Imagine me, Nas, Ja, fucking Ashanti, and we pulling up in Rolls Royces and eating fried chicken in the hood. That’s a moment. Anyone who gets a glimpse of that is never forgetting that.”

Gotti continued, “So Nas was like, ‘Yo, I hear you but what if we get killed, being in the hood like that?’ This is when I lost him. I said, ‘If we get killed, then we’re martyrs.’”

It seems becoming a martyr wasn’t something Nas was particularly interested in.

Elsewhere in the interview, Gotti also touches on Jay-Z dissing the mother of Nas’ child on the song “Super Ugly,” Gotti’s preference of 2Pac over DMX, Suge Knight's Music Artist Union idea, and Dame Dash’s involvement with Roc-A-Fella Records.

Twitter: @ArtOfDialogue_

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