Eminem Still Uses a BlackBerry in the Year of Our Lord 2024

The BlackBerry has been defunct since 2022.

Donna Ward / Getty Images

Eminem appears to be living in the past.

It’s been discovered that the “Lose Yourself” rapper still has a BlackBerry. The revelation was shared by DJ Whoo Kid, who shared a photo of him, Eminem, and D12’s Mr. Porter hanging out on a couch, where Em is using a BlackBerry.

“Eminem was trying to figure out who ate his last mom’s spaghetti box in the dressing room,” Whoo Kid wrote. “I was like [shrug] @momsspaghettidetroit. I told him it was @iamdenaun. And by the way yes. He still has a BlackBerry phone.”

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t miss their BlackBerry? The phone has been defunct since 2022 when BlackBerry shut down its servers. The last model the company released was the BlackBerry Evolve and Evolve X in 2018. It’s unclear what kind of functionality Eminem’s device has, or how he can still use it.

The joke about the Detroit rapper’s restaurant, Mom’s Spaghetti, seems to be a reference to a negative review that went viral on YouTube. A critic named Mr. Chimetime denounced the eatery’s food as “complete ass” because it tasted like a school lunch—but that seems to be the gimmick, to “taste like a leftover sauce,” per the website.

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