DJ Enuff on How Proud He Is of His Son, Ice Spice’s Producer Riot USA

The Hot 97 radio personality also discussed how he found out that his son really wanted to pursue music.

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Riot USA gets it from his daddy.

The chart-topping producer and Ice Spice’s right-hand man is son to DJ Enuff, a fact not many know—and Enuff is more than okay with that.

The Hot 97 radio personality sat down with the Road Podcast, where he discussed his relationship with his son, commenting that people “don’t need to know” that they’re related. “My son is killing it,” Enuff said at around the 1:46:30 hour mark.

When asked why he keeps their relationship low-key, Enuff said, “Because sometimes what we forget is that our kids have to live in our shadows and we don’t want that for our kids. If you want true success for your child, you don’t want him living under [your] shadow in any way, shape, or form. I don’t want that.”

He added, “So I want him to get his own merits, his own flowers and everything based on him doing what he’s supposed to be doing. That’s it. Not because I’m his dad.”

Enuff opened up about the moment he found out that the 23-year-old was really attempting to pursue music.

“His mom called me one day and said, ‘Hey, your son got a show.’ I’m like, ‘Show where?’ ‘In Williamsburg, I’m picking him up now.’ I’m like, ‘Yo, he’s 15 years old. He can’t even get inside the club—what are you talking about?’”

He also revealed that he knew about Ice for some time because she went to college with Riot—a fact she’s previously shared.

“All my friends are saying, ‘Yo, this Ice Spice.’ And I’m laughing ‘cause in my head I already know about Ice Spice,” Enuff said. “I didn’t know she had the skills though."

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