DaBaby Freestyles for Funk Flex as Potential Legal Problems Arise

DaBaby is currently in negotiations with promoter NTS Entertainment to reschedule a headlining gig he ditched in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

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DaBaby stopped by Hot 97’s Funk Flex show to drop some bars. The Charlotte rapper easily found his pocket, spitting, “Told my daughter, daddy rich/She don't need shit, we goin' crazy,” and, "I think daddy need a straitjacket/Count a hundred thousand on the floor and started breakdancing.”

Even though DaBaby clearly has skill, he's repeatedly found himself in some hot water. It looks like if he doesn’t return $22,000 he got from the headlining gig he reportedly ditched in Massachusetts earlier this month, the promoter will involve lawyers, TMZ reports. According to the promoter, NTS Entertainment, DaBaby could still make the show up at a different venue in Boston or Connecticut. The company says it's in early negotiations to accomplish this.

This is the same Lawrence, Mass. show where DaBaby’s security reportedly got into a physical altercation with a fan after DaBaby refused a photo request. The fan ended up being a fellow rapper named Don Trag who opened for DaBaby at the concert. DaBaby ultimately didn’t perform and left after the altercation, but still took the money.

NTS confirms the rapper's contract included a provision that allowed him to dip if he didn't feel safe; for him, his interaction with Trag was the tipping point, though NTS denies there was any security risk.

Trag, however, plans on filing a lawsuit against DaBaby. Following the incident, his mother revealed Trag was in a coma and could be in danger of dying.

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