Britney Spears' Knife-Dancing Video Prompted Wellness Check by Police

On Tuesday, the singer posted Instagram videos of her dancing with knives, and later, posted more clips that seemingly showed her injured.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Britney Spears’ latest Instagram video prompted the police to visit her home and make sure she was okay.

TMZ reports that cops did a wellness check on the 41-year-old singer following her knife-dancing clip. Insiders said that a call was placed to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department about her knife video, which deputies already knew about. One of the officers also happened to be someone who had performed a wellness check on her before.

On Tuesday, Spears took to Instagram to share a set of videos where she’s dancing with two butcher knives. While her caption said that they were fake, at one point, she hits them together and they appear to be real, with the seemingly metal knives clanging against each other.

In a second set of videos, posted a day later, the pop icon is seen wearing the same outfit as the day prior—and this time, she appears to have a cut on her right thigh, a scrape on her right hip, and a bandage on her right wrist. Those supposed injuries led to the police reports and the wellness check.

According to TMZ, Spears has a “fascination” with the sharp objects—and one of her recommendations after the end of her conservatorship was to stay clear of knives. But apparently, she feels safer with them around, keeping them in multiple rooms, including her bedroom. A source told the outlet that she "was paranoid someone was going to get her, and she needed the knives as protection."

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