Big Boi's Pet Owl Got Spooked During Rapper's Performance

Big Boi is an owl lover, and currently has four of the birds as pets: Tula, Simon, Whodini, and Hootie.

Big Boi’s recent performance at Kennesaw State University didn’t go exactly as planned. The OutKast rapper played at the school’s football game on Oct. 28 and tried bringing out an owl. However, the owl got spooked right as Big Boi brought it out to the stage.

In a clip from TMZ, Big Boi is seen walking out with the owl, but the bird quickly tries to get away. Fortunately, it was leashed to Big Boi’s gloved right hand so it couldn’t get very far.

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Big Boi was joined by Sleepy Brown on the stage to perform their song “Sucka Free”—so Sleepy Brown took over as Big Boi was trying to wrangle the owl. Big Boi still tries rapping into the mic while the bird is freaking out, before someone comes over to help. He gives the owl to the handler, and another one of his birds can be seen behind him with a different handler. The two artists then continued their show.

Big Boi posted a clip of one of his owls backstage before his set, where it didn’t appear to be upset.

Because Kennesaw State University’s mascot is an owl, it seems Big Boi thought bringing his owls would be a perfect fit for the concert. The school hasn’t had a real owl as a mascot for some time, and its current mascot is a costumed Scrappy.

I'm not ready to not have any more home games 😢 #takemeback

— Scrappy the Owl (@ScrappyTheOwl) November 9, 2015
Twitter: @ScrappyTheOwl

Big Boi has four pet owls in total: Tula, Simon, Whodini, and Hootie.

Big Boi has been breaking down that barrier between man and owl for years.

Two of his owls are Hootie and Whodini.
Aka "Hootie Hoo."

— Kevin Polowy (@djkevlar) September 29, 2022
Twitter: @djkevlar

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