Zedd Responds After Matthew Koma Calls Him 'Toxic' and 'Self-Serving' (UPDATE)

Zedd: "I will forever be grateful to you and your contributions to my career. I continue to wish you all the best."


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UPDATED 06/10/19 12:10 a.m. ET: Zedd responded to Koma via Twitter.

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Matthew Koma feels some type of way toward Zedd.

Seven years after the artists released their collaborative records "Clarity" and "Spectrum," Koma finally confirmed his suspected falling out with Zedd. The 32-year-old singer/musician posted a lengthy rant on social media, in which he described their dynamic as both toxic and abusive.

"In response to years of: 'What happened with you & Zedd.' I want to finally be transparent about this," Koma wrote. "It’s a really sad truth because I’m extremely proud of the work he and I did together. Unfortunately my good feelings toward those songs have all but disappeared as they were experienced alongside someone so toxic and self serving that it occupied the space where any happiness could exist."

He went on to accuse Zedd of taking all the credit for writing their hits, withholding his payment for "Spectrum," and brushing him under the rug.

"Now, he has plenty of people to write his songs and produce his tracks and help him continue on his trajectory," Koma wrote. "But I rather work at Starbucks and clean the toilets than ever experience that abusive dynamic again. Toxicity doesn’t bread happiness.”

Days after Koma aired his grievances, Zedd took to Twitter to share his response.

The Grammy-winning artist began with a classic nonapology and said he did not agree with Koma's account or description of their dynamic. You can read Zedd's tweets below.

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