Young Thug Is Being Sued by a Limo Service

A California limo service is suing Young Thug for allegedly failing to pay his bill.

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A West Coast limo service wants Young Thug to pay up.

According to TMZ, Hollywood Stars Limousines has filed a lawsuit against the Atlanta rapper for allegedly failing to pay a $18,676 bill. The company claims they drove Thugger and his crew around 11 times during the summer, and despite giving him “plenty of time” to hand over the money, the 25-year-old allegedly refused to cough it up.

Hollywood Stars Limousine is seeking the full $18,676.

The news comes just a week after Thug was arrested at an Atlanta mall, where police had responded to a report of a stolen vehicle. While the officers searched the building for the suspect, one of them recognized the rapper and remembered he had missed a court date for his car’s tinted windows. It was a wrong-place, wrong-time situation; however, he was later released on a $500 bond, and posted a now-deleted Instagram video in which he claimed to be “bigger than the law.” 

Maybe he thinks he's too big to pay his bills, as well. Who knows? But things haven't played out too well for the rapper since he filmed himself insulting airline employees. Those who doubt the existence of karma should take note. 

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