Watch This Magician Blow YG's Mind With a Few Card Tricks

Tammer, a SoCal-based magician, showed off his skills during the release party for YG's 'Stay Dangerous' album. You can check out the rapper's reactions here.

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Like many of his contemporaries, YG seems to really love a good magic trick.

The Compton rapper was treated to a few card tricks last week during the Stay Dangerous album release party. And it’s safe to say YG was left pretty impressed.

In a video clip posted Wednesday, we see SoCal-based magician Tammer performing a few card illusions for YG. There’s some fire involved, a few color changes, and some mild skepticism from the rapper.

"Nigga, this shit fake as fuck. You're a lyin' ass motherfucker," YG said at the end one of the tricks.

However, YG appeared to be a believer by the end of the video.

You can check out the clip via Tammer’s YouTube page above.

Drake had a similar experience last month, when he witnessed English magician Julius Dein transform a lollipop into Batman's head in the matter of seconds. If you thought YG's reaction was entertaining, you have to see Drizzy's. 

YG's third studio album Stay Dangerous, which boasts features from Ty Dolla Sign, Quavo, Mozzy, 2 Chainz, ASAP Rocky, and more, dropped on August 3. The album is projected to debut at the No. 4 spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart with an estimated 52,000 to 57,000 units.

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