Wale References Tomi Lahren on ‘Shine’ Track “Shine Season”

Wale takes more shots at Tomi Lahren in the world premiere of "Shine Season."

So if you're gonna put someone in a song...diss 'em.. perhaps get their fricken name right next time @Wale

— Tomi Lahren (@TomiLahren) January 4, 2017

Wale isn’t done taking shots at Tomi Lahren.

On Wednesday night, the D.C. rapper joined Genius for a live listening session and annotating experience of his upcoming album Shine. He broke down the lyrics and discussed the tracklist, revealing stories behind the songs and a few producers: Don Cannon ("Colombia Heights"), No Credit ("Mathematics"), just to name a few. He also came through with the world premiere of “Shine Season" featuring DJ Sam Sneak, a cut that was recently added to the project.

In the song, Wale dropped Lahren’s name once again, calling out the conservative political commentator after the highly publicized beef this year.

“Tomi I Lahren, I aint ready for you/All the Beckys want an Uncle Tom Sawyer/Race draft first pick/John Lennon for Don Lemon,” he rapped.

Afterwards, he didn't elaborate any further on the song, but continued to rap the rest of the lyrics acapella.

Wale and Lahren got into a mild Twitter exchange back in January, shortly after Wale dropped “Smile.” The song dissed Lahren by purposely misspelling her name and challenging her relevancy: “Maybe I should meet Tammy Lahren, I'll Lauryn Hill her.”

The diss apparently went over Lahren’s head, as she tried to roast Wale for getting her name wrong. She was probably better off ignoring the song, as her response resulted in more Ls.

Ok Whale https://t.co/OlbnWgd437

— Tomi Lahren (@TomiLahren) January 4, 2017

Let’s see if Lahren has something to say about “Shine Season.” Or if she learned from her last failed attempt at going after Wale.

Shine will mark Wale’s fifth studio album. The original release date was set for May 5; however, during the Genius live stream, the rapper revealed he was pushing the drop to this Friday (April 28).

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