Jay Z, Meek Mill, Chris Rock Discuss Masculinity in the Footnotes for "MaNyfaCedGod"

The latest footnote installment comes days after Jay Z released the official visuals for "MaNyfaCedGod."


Jay Z continues his footnotes series by tackling the themes and message of "MaNyfaCedGod."

The latest installment features Hov speaking about the perception and idea of masculinity and how it affects men’s roles in relationships. Names like Jesse Williams, Trevor Noah, Van Jones, Meek Mill, and Chris Rock also shared their thoughts on the matter, speaking on male vulnerability as well as their definition of "being a man."

"We can’t go to a therapist. You crazy at that point. A psychiatrist? You crazy. No, you need help," Jay said in the video. "Three of your brothers are dead, your mother used to beat you, you need help. Someone needs to talk you through while you are feeling these feelings."

Others also spoke about the damage caused by simplistic ideas of masculinity. Williams said there is a lot of pressure to "be the man" in a relationship; however, it's difficult to explain what that exactly means. 

"I think as we look at our relationships and we look at fucking trying to be something for other people, specifically men, it's this barrage of, 'You gotta be the man in a relationship,'" the actor explained. "What does that mean? Does that mean have courage? And courage to do what? Does that mean be a leader? Be a leader how? Does that mean be physically strong? Because the weakest people that I've met in my life have been physically strong men."

You can check out the footnotes for "MaNyfaCedGod” exclusively at Tidal. The latest installment arrived days after Jay delivered the official music for "MaNyfaCedGod," starring Lupita Nyong'o.

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